Toned Abs From Yoga Technique III


A toned abdomen is often considered as a sign of a healthy body. And there are others who crave for a waist line that does not embarrass us and allows us to wear the clothes that we like. For those who are still struggling to tuck in their tummy and get well-toned abs, yoga can be of great help. In my last series I discussed about the Cobra Pose and Seated Forward Bend which target the upper and lower abdominal muscle at the same time. These does not only build your abs but simultaneously messages and toned up your pelvic organs relieving the stresses present in those organs keeping the diseases and disorders at the bay.

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Toned Abs From Yoga Technique-II


Training your abs is one of the core exercises that you include in your routine on regular basis. There are several techniques that you can follow but Yoga is one of the best of the class. In continuation of the series in my last post I have discussed about Kapal Bhati and Viparita Shalabhasana, where Kapal Bhati is purely a breathing exercise that helps build your stamina and endurance. And Viparita Shalabhasana is particularly helpful in strengthening your lower back muscles and to some extent it also provides its healing touch to the abdominal muscles. In this post I will discuss about Cobra Pose and Seated Forward Bend which will equally toned up your abdominal muscle.

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